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Strategic Times


Strategic Times (ST) is a digital and print media platform that aims to inform & educate masses, promote dialogue and support Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). ST is also publishing a print magazine, by the name of “Strategic Times” and registered under newspaper ordinance. ST Magazine explores the issues that drive and shape our national conversations through news, articles, essays and reports. While emphasizing on refined writings and original thoughts, ST magazine provides readers with a unique perspective in multiple domains including politics, society, environment, and culture.

Moreover, the magazine offers analyses based on research and studies in the areas of peace, security, strategic stability, terrorism/counter terrorism, internal and external security, international security, foreign policy, geopolitics, public policy and Education. The magazine focuses on information dissemination among its readers to enhance awareness about the strategic affairs, national security, state policies regarding national as well as international issues of concern, and especially SDGs through building liaison with reputable international scholars and institutions.