FM Qureshi highlights Indian ambitions of a surgical strike in Pakistan

FM Qureshi highlights Indian ambitions of surgical strike in Pakistan.
Image courtesy: Dawn

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi is on a two days visit to UAE. Talking to a press conference, sitting with the UAE officials, he highlighted Indian propaganda. He said that India is trying to conduct a surgical strike in Pakistan to divert attention from the internal turmoil it is facing. Qureshi said, “An important development has cropped up. I’ve learned through our intelligence forces that India is planning a surgical strike against Pakistan”. India is trying to deteriorate regional peace and stability. India has faced humiliation in Dokhlam and Laddakh, and now it’s making a mistake by looking in Pakistan.

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Before in 2016 also India had claimed to conduct a surgical strike in Pakistan and in 2019 also it had claimed of doing so. Whenever India faces internal or external turmoil, it looks towards Pakistan to divert the attention of the international world. Pakistan has put its security forces on high alert and warned regional and international stakeholders. India at any time can start a Pulwama-like drama, but Pakistan is ready.


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