Restoration is underway after major power breakdown across the country

A general view shows Pakistan's port city of Karachi during a power blackout early on January 10, 2021.
Image courtesy: Dawn

Yesterday late night, there occurred a major power breakdown pushing the country into darkness. The statement from the Federal Minister for Energy said that there was some issue at the Guddu power plant. The frequency instantly fell from ’50’ to ‘0’ which caused to shut off the grid stations. It said, “the fault caused the country’s high transmission lines to trip, which in turn caused the system frequency to drop from 50 to 0 in less than a second. The drop in frequency caused power plants to shut down.” Still, the reason behind the power breakdown is unclear.

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The transmission line was also damaged. The minister tweeted that the technical teams have reached the grid stations and restoration is under process. Some regions are provided with energy like Islamabad, Lahore, but in some areas, the process is going on. Soon, the restoration of energy will be done. The minister said that he himself is looking at the whole process, being a federal minister.



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