PM Imran asks the UN for further debt relief for developing countries

Prime Minister Imran Khan addressing to the UN conference on trade and development.
Image courtesy: Dawn

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan while addressing the UN Conference on Trade and Development asks for further debt relief for developing countries. The world community has done enough for the developing countries amid COVID pandemics, but they have to do more. The developing countries including Pakistan on one side facing pandemics while the debt crisis on the other side. International stakeholders are responsible states, and the UN must think about the turmoil states are facing. PM said, “The world today is grappling with a series of interlinked and unprecedented public health and economic crises. While the coronavirus does not discriminate between the rich and the poor, the most vulnerable people and countries have suffered the most”.

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Pakistan is working to accomplish the SDGs by 2030, but COVID has proved a hindrance. Prime Minister Imran Khan asked to help the stressed countries so that they can focus on developmental policies. He also asked for the fair distribution of COVID vaccines to developing countries. “Covid-19 vaccines are now being administered in developed countries but it seems like it will take much longer for the vaccines to fully cover the Global South. Sustainable development will remain elusive as long as the pandemic persists,” PM said. Further, he highlighted Pakistan’s effort to counter the pandemics and to grow smoothly with the help of the international community. Hopefully, the UN and the major powers will consider Imran Khan’s request as they did before.


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