Download speed reaches 1.685 GB/s as PTCL tests 5G

Companies like PTCL are working for the national cause to make Pakistan technologically advanced.

Countries all around the globe are developing in technology. The world when is flatter requires arduous struggle from states to be relevant. Pakistan is also making efforts to technologically advance itself and be relevant in the international arena. The Internet has become one of the most essentials like a basic human necessity. One corner in the global village can only be seen if one state is enough technologically advanced. PTCL while testing 5G technology has achieved a download speed of 1.658 GB/s. In the time of pandemics, one can truly understand the importance of internet service, especially through an educational perspective.

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Syed Aminul Haque, federal Minister for Information Technology & Telecommunication said, “I believe that communication plays a major role in social-economic development and uplift of the financial inclusion of the country, the 5G technology will surely enable an emerging technological environment & ecosystem conducive for economic prosperity in Pakistan”. Though Pakistan is far ahead of developed countries, it’s trying to improve itself with the help of PTCL.


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