Taliban crave America to withdraw completely from Afghanistan

Taliban co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar
Image courtesy: Dawn

Afghanistan is the victim of internal turmoil as well as heinous major power politics. The lackluster stakeholders are odiously ignoring the Afghan peace process, and America is part of the pantheon. The Afghan Peace deal was signed in Qatar, but still, the third point of the intra-Afghan dialogue is under process. Afghanistan is witnessing an increase in attacks and skirmishes between Taliban and Afghan security forces. Taliban wants America to respect the peace deal by pulling all of its troops back. America had put the condition to stop the intra-Afghan clashes and sign a ceasefire but to no avail. In recent times, the clashes are increased. Besides the situation, the Taliban wants America to pull out.

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Mullah Abdul Ghani Bardar said, “It is the responsibility and in the interest of all to bring an end to this war, and the implementation of the Doha agreement is the most effective way of ending it”. Joe Biden is new to the seat of great power, America. The projection of policy measures will take time and diplomatic maneuvering. American officials have evinced that till the right time the evacuation of American troops from Afghanistan is not possible. Known scholars are urging Biden to make some policy changes towards Afghanistan. But, if America goes for the complete withdrawal, it will cost the influence it has made in the international arena. Not just the influence, America will not leave the ground zero available for Russia and China to come for aid and make their influence.


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