Indians are boycotting Shah Rukh Khan: shows the recent trend

Shah Rukh Khan is being hated in India due to his love for Pakistan.
Shah Rukh Khan, beside his title of 'Badshah of the Bollywood', and more than 80 films is not tolerated in India, amid growing extremism.

In the recent Modi administration in India, extremism and nationalism have reached their peaks. Hatred against Pakistan is regnant in domestic as well as India’s international postures. The recent Twitter trend in India showed Indians’ sentiments against Shah Rukh Khan. To boycott him, they present various reasons. Some said that his role in the ‘Pathan’ movie, in which his role is of an Indian Raw agent Feroz Khan, is not worth it. Khan has also unearthed growing extremism in India some years ago. It pushed the public to call him anti-nationalist and more close to Pakistan.

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Besides his marvelous contribution to India’s media industry, Shah Rukh Khan is portrayed as a terrorist just because of his love for Pakistan. The tweets portrayed him as a terrorist who should be banned in India. Still, the actual reason for such abhorrence is vague. However, it shows that no one will get impunity from ultra-nationalists in India.


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