Is Shehbaz Taseer pointing to marry model Neha Rajput?

Neha Rajput and Shehbaz Taseer shows to marry each other.
Previous wife of Shehbaz Taseer accuses Neha for her divorce.

Shehbaz Taseer, the son of the late governor of Punjab Salman Taseer has shown interest in marrying model Neha Rajput. There are rumors that both are dating each other. Both can be seen together in different social gatherings. The former wife of Shehbaz accuses Neha of their divorce. She said in her Instagram story, “To each their own I guess and whatever makes them happy. Though I do hope that this trend of certain models with married men and vice versa changes. I am divorced now fortunately and wish them peace and healing.”

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However, Neha Rajput denied such accusation and called her of cheating Shebaz when he was kidnapped. She said, “Lol it’s easy to point out fingers at people who stay quiet, well there are always two sides to a story just because someone is quiet doesn’t mean they are wrong. I’m amazed at how whenever something comes up it’s so easy for people to put on models calling them homewreckers and totally disregard housewives who when their husbands are away for long, cheat left, right, and center and then blame the man for moving on. I rest my case here and I wish her peace and love.”


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