Nations hits back at Maira Khan for her discriminatory remarks

Maira Khan
Image courtesy: Global Village Space

Maira Khan recorded a video in which she mocked at non-elite person. Arrogantly, she said that people can’t leave behind their ‘Painduism’ behind, even settling in defense. They would act like burgers, but they can’t. Painduism is inherent in them so they would always be that. Maira’s remarks hurt the nation. Pakistan is a developing country where exists a huge class difference. People don’t expect such discriminatory remarks from elites.

People thronged Twitter with tweets criticizing such hatred and discriminatory remarks. One said, “So a/c to B-grade actress Maira Khan, she’s the only genuine DHA wali, only she has the right to wear Gym wear & go to elite gyms because u all pronounce #Bowl as Bowl. Mocking people for not being proficient in a colonial tongue is nothing but elitist snobbery. Shame on u”.


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