More than 5 billion people will lack drinkable water till 2050: UN report says

Water scarcity
Annually, 1 centimeter of glaciers and water resources are decreasing creating challenges for humans security.

Only 0.5% of total earth water is usable. With such water scarcity, it is difficult for humans to cater to environmental challenges. According to a United Nations report, ‘The State of Climate Services 2021: Water’, more than 5 billion people will have difficulty in assessing drinkable water till 2050. In 2018 also, 3.6 billion people had inadequate resources of water. Annually, 1 centimeter of glaciers and drinkable water resources are decreasing. This creates challenges for humans security. WOM chief Petteri Tallas says, “Increasing temperatures are resulting in global and regional precipitation changes, leading to shifts in rainfall patterns and agricultural seasons, with a major impact on food security and human health and well-being.”

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The report has come just weeks before CoP26 that is going to be held in Glasgow from October 31 to November 12. Due to environmental degradation, floods are causing human deaths. In recent years, most deaths are from Asian countries. Tallas also urged the international community to organize their policies to counter water scarcity. He said, “That’s also a message for countries like China which has said that they would like to become carbon neutral by 2060 but they don’t have a concrete plan for the coming decade.”


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