Government reacts to TLP demand and orders to release 350 activists

Image courtesy: Dawn

TLP has been in protest for the release of its jailed leader Saad Rizvi, the son of late Khadim Hussain Rizvi. The party gains enough strength in the name of religion Islam and gathers as a critique of the government. The recent protests of TLP brought troubles for the twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi, as well as for the other region in Punjab also. Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said that ta delegation met the higher authorities of the party to negotiate. He ordered to release 350 activists of the organization. Further, he asked the TLP to not move towards the capital and end their protest.

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TLP started marching towards the capital once clashes emerged between the government forces and TLP workers. But after reaching Muridke, the party decided to spend the night there. The government delegation reached there for the negotiation. Upto many extent, the negotiation has been succeeded as the workers are not marching toward the capital, otherwise this time the organization was hopeful to banish trouble coming in their way. Sheikh Rasheed said that its the duty of the government to find a way of reconciliation. “Perhaps the people will say that the state has surrendered. But it is not the job of the state to use the stick (force),” he added.


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