How drama industry in Pakistan affects the mental health of people?

Drama industry in Pakistan
Amidst intensified effects on the mental health due to social issue, drama and media industry should play a positive role in bringing happiness in people's life.

Pakistan is a society thronged with social problems causing enough injury to mental health. Amidst such intensified effects on the mental health, drama and media industry should play a positive role in bringing happiness in people’s life. On the other side, these industries in Pakistan are not following such minimal complexities of the society for which these are producing content. In the sixth virtual international conference conducted by Kazim Trust, Angeline Malik, who is part of the media industry for more than two decades as an actor, director, and producer, discussed the role of the drama industry on mental health in Pakistan. She said that though the drama industry is playing a positive role, there are aspects that must be concerned as these are still not considered while producing content. This lack of research and information ultimately cause growing depression and mental health issue at the local level.

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An issue like late marriages, women being rejected causes mental distress for the actual victims seeing the content. Stuff like love at first sight and the mentality to prioritize beauty over other characteristics of a woman is actually shaping the mindset of the youth. This ultimately creates problems in society as a whole. Such stuff in dramas is becoming normal that after the rejection, boys can do anything to anyone. The drama industry should know the fact that their content has a considerable impact on people’s lives in actuality. They should bring positive changes in society and must do proper research for the content and the society for which they are producing.


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