Pak-China Economic Corridor

Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) Steps and Goals

Author: Abdul Sattar is associated with the Center for Global and Strategic Studies (CGSS) In recent years, much has been written and said about China’s...
Citizenship Amendment Bill

Regional Impact of India’s Citizenship Amendment Bill

Haqida Mir is a Ph.D. Scholar at National Defence Univeristy, Islamabad Contemporary time is witnessing major transformations in the political and social fabric of the...

Fascist Modi and the Hindu Nationalism: An Indian Nazi?

Author: Arslan Waheed Do you remember Anders Behring Breivik? He is the Islamophobe who killed 77 people in Norway back in 2001. He has become...
Modi Fascism

Modi’s Legal Regimentation of Fascism

Author: Niaz Ullah Khan Niazi Prime Minister Modi has been exposed to the world through his actions and policies. His much preached and supported ideology...
India, Fascism, Modi

Modi’s Fascism and Muslim Genocide

Following the footprints of Adolf Hitler, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has amended the citizenship act to legally shroud the genocide of Muslims.  The world...
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Pakistan upholds Conventional Military Capabilities through Exercises

Pakistan upholds Conventional Military Capabilities through Exercises

A country’s prepared military has always been its guarantor of peace, along with vigilance, wide-range training, and preparedness. Thus preparing the state for unforeseeable...
The Shaheen-III missile is displayed during the Pakistan Day parade in Islamabad, Pakistan, March 23, 2016.

Pakistan’s Nuclear Non-Proliferation Credentials

Nuclear security requires utmost vigilance and preparation at all the levels without any complacency. Pakistan accords utmost importance to nuclear security and that is...
India in its initial statements termed the incident as an accidental firing of the BrahMos missile during routine maintenance and a technical malfunction.

India’s BrahMos Landing in Pakistan: Accidental or Intentional?

On 09 March 2022, a supersonic missile crossed the Indian border, covering a distance of 124km across the border, and crashed into Pakistan, destroying...