Ambassador Munir Akram

Ambassador Munir Akram praises relation between China and Pakistan

At the event of the 70th anniversary of China's lawful seat at the UN, Akram glorifies Pak-China relations. He said that the Chinese is...
Pakistan-China relations

Pakistan flag returns from Space journey after three months

Pakistani flag has returned from space journey along with Chinese flag. The flag has been given to the Pakistan embassy in China. The flags...
JF-17 Thunder

Iraq will buy 12 JF-17 Thunder Block 3 from Pakistan

JF-17 Thunder is accomplishing marvelous milestones in the International market. Iraq has signed an agreement with Pakistan to buy 12 new Bock 3 jets....
Model of Karachi Coastal Comprehensive Development Authority

Karachi Coastal Comprehensive Development Zone: a game changer for Pakistan

CPEC authorities have shown high gumption for Karachi Coastal Comprehensive Development Zone (KCCDZ). KCCDZ is a project to develop Pakistan's coastal line. Different developmental...

Pakistan’s JF-17 leads eight world class aircrafts in Malaysia

Malaysia has finally agreed to buy Pakistan-China JF-17 thunder to ameliorate its air security. The recent reports show reliable news that Malaysia will buy...
Pakistan gets its second 054-A frigate from China.

Pakistan gets its new world-class 054-A Frigate from China

China has built a new warship for Pakistan. The new type 054-A Frigate has more advanced capabilities in weapon carrying, stealth capabilities, radars, and...
Indian soldiers are patrolling on the disputed border where the clash occurred between India and China.

New clash emerges between India and China in the disputed border region

After six months the tension between India and China is high again. The recent clash at the Naku La border pass occurred between both...
Pakistani JF-17 Block-III leads the F-16 C, enhancing its air superiority

Pakistani JF-17 Block-III leads the F-16 C, enhancing its air superiority

F-16, one of the most elite aircraft internationally is getting challenges from Pakistani JF-17. Initially made by America, Pakistan also equipped the F-16 in...

CPEC Does Matter for Pakistan and China

China’s dynamic leader Xi Jinping has magnificently achieved his goal to diversify the sources of its energy under Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The...
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India in its initial statements termed the incident as an accidental firing of the BrahMos missile during routine maintenance and a technical malfunction.

India’s BrahMos Landing in Pakistan: Accidental or Intentional?

On 09 March 2022, a supersonic missile crossed the Indian border, covering a distance of 124km across the border, and crashed into Pakistan, destroying...
India has acquired this capability to indigenously develop nuclear-powered submarines it has provided India a strategic edge over other countries in South Asia.

Nuclear-powered submarines: a new challenge to strategic stability in South Asia

Since the partition of the subcontinent both Pakistan and India have traditionally and non-traditionally confronted each other many times. Whether it is operation Gibraltar,...
The pursuit of the BMD system can create a false sense of security in the minds of Indian policymakers that can destabilize South Asia.

Ballistic Missile Defence Systems in South Asia

The actual use of nuclear weapons by the two South Asian nuclear rivals has been barred since overt nuclearization and the sense of mutual...