Afghanistan Cricket Team

Australia threatens Afghanistan not to play with in world cup

International Cricket Board has said that it will analyze the cricket situation of Afghanistan. The world narrative towards Afghanistan has changed after the Taliban...
Shoaib Malik

Shoaib Malik becomes the first Asian batsman to complete 11,000 runs in T20

Shoaib Malik becomes the first Asian batsman to reach 11,000 runs in T-20 format. He accomplished the record in playing for Central Punjab against...

Cyclone Shaheen wreaks havocs in Oman amid World Cup preparation

Cyclone Shaheen landed in Oman causing huge devastation when the country is busy preparing to host T-20 World Cup. The storm brought heavy rain...
Babar Azam

Babar Azam becomes the fastest batsman to reach 7000 runs in t20

Pakistani skipper, Babar Azam becomes the fastest batsman to reach 7000 runs breaking Chris Gayle's record. He seeks the distinction in the national t20...
Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle quits IPL over ‘Bubble Fatigue’

West Indies star cricket player, Chirs Gayle has been called off from playing Indian Premier League (IPL). Gayle said that he has overburdened himself...
Shah Mehmood Qureshi meets Elizabeth Truss.

Abandoning tour caused financial loss to Pakistan; Qureshi tells UK Foreign Minister

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi met with his UK counterpart Elizabeth Truss. He told her that abandoning the tour caused a huge financial loss...
Inzamamul Haq gets heart attack

Former Pakistan Captain Inzamamul Haq gets heart attack

Former captain of Pakistan cricket team, and chief sector Inzamamul Haq gets a heart attack in Lahore. He was going through angioplasty and a...
Michael Owen becomes Pakistan's football brand ambassador.

English footballer Michael Owen becomes football ambassador of Pakistan

English footballer, Michael Owen becomes the brand ambassador for Pakistan Football League. He will promote Pakistani football players in international championships. Owen will come...
Prime Minister Imran Khan decides to meet Pakistan's Cricket team squad for t-20 World Cup.

PM Khan will meet the Pakistan cricket team to boost morale

Prime Minister Imran Khan will meet the T-20 squad for World Cup to boost their morale for the upcoming challenge. The meeting comes after...
Islamabad United celebrates after getting out a batsman of Multan Sultans.

Islamabad United beats Multan Sultans in their first match of PSL

Islamabad United won the toss and decided to bowl first in their first match of Pakistan Super League against Multan Sultans. Multan Sultans piled...
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Latest article

Pakistan upholds Conventional Military Capabilities through Exercises

Pakistan upholds Conventional Military Capabilities through Exercises

A country’s prepared military has always been its guarantor of peace, along with vigilance, wide-range training, and preparedness. Thus preparing the state for unforeseeable...
The Shaheen-III missile is displayed during the Pakistan Day parade in Islamabad, Pakistan, March 23, 2016.

Pakistan’s Nuclear Non-Proliferation Credentials

Nuclear security requires utmost vigilance and preparation at all the levels without any complacency. Pakistan accords utmost importance to nuclear security and that is...
India in its initial statements termed the incident as an accidental firing of the BrahMos missile during routine maintenance and a technical malfunction.

India’s BrahMos Landing in Pakistan: Accidental or Intentional?

On 09 March 2022, a supersonic missile crossed the Indian border, covering a distance of 124km across the border, and crashed into Pakistan, destroying...